A joint stake with Gestamp Wind in 5 wind farms (130 MW) in Galicia and Catalonia and two 100 MW solar power plants in Andalusia and Extremadura with Grupo Ibereólica and Infrared Capital Partners.


A 62 MW wind farm run as a partnership with a local developer and operator Capstone Infrastructure.


In alliance with Panama-based group Eleta, the division owns the 52 MW Montelirio hydraulic power station, which is currently operational. It is also building the Pando power station, with an installed power capacity of 32 MW.


In this country work is currently operating the Matafongo wine farm, the first to be developed in the country following the introduction of the Dominican Republic’s first renewable energy law.


The division owns a 20.6 MW hydroelectricity power station in Mato Grosso and a wind farm in the state of Ceará.