We are firmly committed to continuing Inveravante’s wider social policy through the work of the Fundación Maria José Jove. This Foundation focuses its efforts on infancy and people with disabilities, working in 4 main areas: Health / Education and training / Responsible leisure and free-time activities / Cultural promotions


The Foundation is fully aware of the social concern that exists with regard to the illnesses, problems and difficulties which affect children. The Fundación María José Jove promotes research and programmes a range of activities related to children’s medicine.

Responsible leisure and free-time activities

The Foundation seeks to promote a range of activities aimed both at children and people with special needs, with specifically adapted physical activities.

Education and training

Working to promote the integration of children’s education into family life.

Cultural promotion

A series of cultural activities orientated towards strengthening and encouraging children’s creative spirit in the broadest possible range of areas. This cultural initiative is supported by the promotion of the Fundación María José Jove Art Collection.



Rialta, an university residence placed in La Coruña, that is owned by Maria Jose Jove Foundation, supports with its incomes the social activity of the Foundation.